Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tell One Friend: Set up an Eco Station Box

Eco Stations are important. They keep batteries, light bulbs, paint, and e-waste out of the garbage and recycling.

Here's the secret: Make a space for that waste.

Collecting those common, everyday items is the first step. Set up a handy box for Eco Station items, in the house. Get everyone in the house to agree on a handy spot.

This also helps friends and neighbours make fewer trips to the Eco Station, with more items.
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Try these tips to connect with friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers.

One Small Ask
"Will you set up an Eco Station box in your house?”

Shift Social Norms
"I just learned that Eco Stations had over 290,000 visits from Edmontonians, last year. Wow, that's a lot."

Give Feedback
"Hey, I noticed that you have an Eco Station box in your garage. That's great.”

Did You Know? Eco Stations take items for the Reuse Centre, too. Separate your Reuse Centre items and bring them to the attendants on site.

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  1. this is an excellent tip, and thank you for sharing it publically. I already have both a eco-station and a re-use centre box going continuously in my home and find it so EASY to participate. And now that I can deliver the re-use box to the eco-station it makes it even easier and saves so much time...and avoids the construction around the ReUse Centre.