Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tell One Friend: Pack a Reusable Mug

Grabbing a coffee? Pack your reusable mug!

Edmontonians love a cup of coffee or tea on the go. It's warm and tasty on a chilly day. But all too often, that hot cup of deliciousness comes in a single-use, disposable cup.

How many times have you remembered to bring a mug with you for your morning coffee, or for that afternoon pick me up? Imagine the amount of disposable cups in the garbage every day if every Edmontonian bought a hot beverage.  Think about it; if you bought a beverage every day and left your mug at home each time, you would use at least 30 disposable cups per month.   That's a lot of cups!

5 tips to keep your beverage hot and be waste wise

  1. Pack a reusable mug.
  2. Ask your barista to use your mug when preparing your drink.
  3. Help your barista by knowing how much liquid your mug holds.
  4. Find coffee shops that offer a discount for reusable mugs.
  5. Keep the coffee line moving. Be clear, polite, and have your payment ready.
Remember: A reusable coffee mug makes a great gift and keeps beverages hot for those coffee, tea, or hot chocolate lovers in your life.

Tips for Changing Waste Behaviours

Make It Normal: Be a Role Model
Use your reusable mug. Others will notice and will encourage others to use their mug too.

Prompt a Friend
Ask questions like, "How will you remind yourself to pack a mug?" or "would you set a reminder on your phone to pack your mug?"

One Small Ask
Get their commitment with a small request, such as "Can I count on you to pack a mug in your car or bag?"

Prompt a Friend
"If you already have a mug in the car, will you take it into the coffee shop? Shops are happy to fill your mug instead of a disposable one. You can even use it for cold beverages."

Give Feedback
Acknowledge their effort and give encouragement, like "Oh, I love your reusable mug. Your one step helps the environment and cuts down on single-use items."

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Strathcona Eco Station Temporarily Closing for Renovations

The Strathcona Eco Station will temporarily close for renovations on Sunday, October 28, and will reopen in spring 2019. There will be no access to the facility during the scheduled period.

Renovations to the facility include both routine maintenance and upgrades to ensure the best possible experience for customers. The upgrades to this busy Eco Station are aimed to alleviate wait times for customers, increase the number of bins available, and lengthen the driveway to increase the overall efficiency of the location.

During this period, residents are encouraged to visit one of the other three City of Edmonton Eco Stations: Ambleside, Coronation, and Kennedale.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Seven Easy Ways for MCR to Stay in Touch

It is important to stay in touch with the MCR Program. Waste Services strives to show that, yes, volunteers play a meaningful role to make Edmonton a resilient and sustainable city.

Staying touch shows what MCRs accomplish, keeps MCRs knowledgeable, keeps MCRs engaged, and fits activities for MCRs.

Here are seven easy ways to connected...
1. Visit | sign up for activities, contact us, record volunteering.

2. Click this Easy Form | We will record MCR volunteering on your volunteer profile.

3. Email | Say hello, record volunteering, share an idea or ask a question.

4. Phone Rodney or Tamara | We can help you navigate through MyVolunteerPage, chat, answer questions, record volunteering & more. Rodney-780-496-5991, Tamara-780-496-5051.

5. Text to 780-668-0217

6. Visit Rodney & Tamara | Set a time to say hello at the MCR office. Learn to use MyVolunteerPage or pick up supplies for your event.  Please make an appointment in advance to ensure we are in the office.

7. Do a MCR Volunteering Sheet | Rodney and Tamara have tiny forms at MCR events. Fill out the MCR Volunteering sheet and they will record MCR volunteering for you.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Time to Talk the Future of Waste

Changes are coming to the way you sort and manage your household waste. Edmontonians are invited to help adjust and shape these changes by providing feedback in person or online.

Topics for discussion include; four options for curbside garbage setouts, food waste and reuse, single-use plastics restrictions and more.

Feedback gathered will help shape final program recommendations presented to City Council in 2019. The recommendations will support the City of Edmonton’s focus on increasing the diversion of residential waste from landfills.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tell One Friend: Time to Talk Future of Waste

Waste Services is proposing big changes to the way Edmontonians sort and manage their waste at home and work. You can help shape your future waste management system!

Everyone has a role to play in managing Edmonton’s waste, to ensure a cleaner, sustainable future for our city. This fall, the City will be seeking input from Edmontonians about these proposed changes.

We need your help -- tell your friends, family, colleagues and community members about upcoming public engagement opportunities, and encourage them to participate. Share your voice, shape your city.

From October 1 - November 15, 2018, residents can attend an upcoming drop-in session and complete our online survey.

Sign up for our monthly Future of Waste e-news, for updates and upcoming public engagement opportunities.

One Small Ask
“Will you go to the web page and look at the survey? You can decide if you have the time to complete it”

Give Feedback
“Hey, I saw you at one of our Future of Waste drop-in sessions. That’s great you’re being active in the community and sharing your voice.”

Create Social Norms
“There are a lot of people in our community sharing their thoughts about the proposed waste collection changes. Have you shared yours through the survey or at a drop-in session?”

Visit or call 311.