Thursday, April 14, 2011

A successful initiative to beat the Tax Man blues

Hi everybody, I set up this display on Mar 13 at the Fuzhou Association of Alberta. This services centre was open Fridays and Sunday mornings in March for income tax claims.

I talked with people when I went there on Sunday mornings. I might talk with ten people or more. When I was there, I noticed most people would like to have a (quick) look at my display while they were waiting. They seemed only interested in recycling, and showed a general knowledge about recycling; for composting, needless to say, know less and not interested. They usually didn't like to ask questions.

When I engaged some people in conversation, they then began to ask some waste management questions, i.e. where they are supposed to bring batteries, etc.. I met a teacher who teaches Chinese in a school, she was interested and took some pamphlets and Michael Recycle Magnets to share with her students.

Because I work Friday I didn't have chance to visit my display that day, but I was told that many people showed up. There were several small workshops and activities going on in the same place on other days, so there was quite a lot of people traffic over there.

I am confident many people visited my display as 30 recycling bags were all gone, and so were half of the fridge magnets and some pamphlets. I heard Omni Television went there to shoot and interview people for tax event one day. I guess there over 250 people have been to the office in the past month which doesn't include income Tax volunteers.

Well, I guess that's all about my event. Thank you all for your support. Have a good day!


Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 Master Composter/Recycler Class started yesterday!

32 Volunteers and 5 Waste Management Staff met and began their learning journey last night, Thursday April 7th, 2011 at Grant MacEwan University as the 21st Master Composter class in Edmonton. During the introduction exercise, students were happily surprised to find the same enthusiasm and passion for learning more about composting and waste reduction in so many others. Experience in composting ranged from those who were already successful at it to those who wanted to know more. Some had experiences composting abroad, others in their backyards, or in vermicomposting bins. Most of the apartment dwellers were excited about the possibility of helping others in their complexes learn to recycle better. The Waste Management History Show provided lots of colourful pictures and information and kept the class alert and in some cases, laughing. The next class will be Saturday and down at the Fort. Snow on the composting centre's deck nor frozen bins won't deter this hardy group of potential composter "masters". Thank goodness the day will be sunny in the afternoon for the Compost Speed Dating exercise!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Need a New Nametag?

Patty will be ordering nametags for the new graduates in a few weeks. If you have lost your badge, now is the time to get a replacement.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

U-Load Wood Chip Mulch available at OMCN

Old Man Creek Nursery (OMCN) is a small tree nursery where the City Parks Branch grows trees and shrubs for planting in parks and green spaces. They have a pile of shredded wood which they make available to residents at no charge. The material is coarse, but certainly attractive enough for the back yard or the far corners of the front. And did I say FREE?!!
    Next time you see your neighbour bagging their grass clippings, run over and tell them about this secret stash. Tell them how easy it is to get rid of weedy lawn under a layer or organic waste and wood chips, and then plant a few attractive shrubs instead. Point to your own yard and boast about how little work it takes and how good it looks!
    The Details:

  • Location: 2km north of Hwy 16 on RR231 (3.5km past the Meridian Street (EWMC) overpass, towards Greenland Garden Centre); GPS 53.59,-113.27 see photo.
  • Open: Workdays, 7am - 2pm 

  • Conditions:

  • Phone ahead, 780 467 4222 to ensure availability and accessibility.  It can be muddy in any weather.
  • Check in at office (to your left) upon arrival to ensure safety.

  • NOTE: You must load by hand - this is not for contractors.

    Mulch is great for the soil, reuses waste, and reduces yard maintenance. Kids will love hunting bugs in its fragrant, living biomass. It also makes you yard look great!

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Branch Manager gets Vehicle Stuck in Snow

    Early this morning, Waste Branch Manager Roy Neehall got his vehicle stuck in a windrow outside his home.

    The snow pile was left behind by a neighbour also leaving to work for the City of Edmonton. Transportation Operations Manager Brice Stephenson insists it was not intentional. The two neighbours are on friendly terms, and often "Buddy Up" their garbage and recycling.

    After shovelling himself out, Neehall was able to collect his full route before arriving at his office on time.


    Hope you are having a wonderful April Fool's Day! Here in the offices we are having a lot of laughs at each other's expense, but that is one of the benefits of working with some of the best people around!

    Here is our Favourite Gag for 2011 - share yours in the comments, and have a great weekend!

    : )