Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Call for Submissions - Celebrating 20 Years of MCRP

The Master Composter/Recycler Program is Celebrating its 20th Year and we want to hear from You!

We are putting out a call to all volunteers to submit their stories of accomplishment with volunteering in the program. We are looking for any and all stories about your experiences volunteering. They can be stories of inspiration, accomplishment, and/or success. They can be about something you've done, something you've learned, how volunteering has affected you personally, or how your volunteer work has affected others.

We would like a compilation of all types of writing and all types of experiences, so your stories can be short, long, funny, or dramatic!

 Think your story is too "boring" to bother? Think again. ALL volunteer work is important, and you might be surprised at how others will view and appreciate even a seemingly small contribution.

Volunteers are encouraged to submit their experiences - big or small - in whatever way is best for them: a casual email, a formal word document, or even a post on the blog!

Once all the stories are gathered they will be showcased in various ways throughout the year within the program, at events, and online.

Deadline for submissions is May 7. Volunteers are asked to send their story (or stories) to rose.bangen@edmonton.ca

Every entry received will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Earth's General Store.

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