Monday, October 4, 2010

Farewell to Rose

It is Rose's final week of civil service.

She has decided to trade her mouse pad for a map, and spend her days with Lawrence exploring the markets and pancake breakfasts of Alberta.

She has chosen to spend her mornings away from her desk and instead linger over coffee before phoning her old coworkers to tell us how late she slept.

She must endure many relaxing hours in a new career that will never give her a day off.

Since so many of you have emailed her and asked about a Farewell Gathering, Karen Lewis-Caron and the gang invite you to come to the Waste Branch office on Wednesday after work to have a cup of tea with Rose. Drop by the 2nd floor of Century Place between 3:30 and 5 to sing Happy Birthday to her, and to celebrate her retirement.

We will have light refreshments and Rose will cry a tear or two.


  1. Aww darn! Can't even come to the party - have to work while she's retiring... Happy Retirement, and Happy Birthday, Rose!

  2. Is it really Rose's Birthday too? Or is this like a Gus-Gus "Happy Birthday!"?

    (Watch Disney Cinderella and you will get the reference).

  3. Sounds like a plan - Rose you will be missed.

  4. Congratulations Rose,

    Sorry I can't make it- school is busy now and my son is getting married Friday!
    Thanks for everything. May your retirement be joyous and fulfilling.
    Maureane Dupuis

  5. Best wishes for your retirement, Rose!
    -from Kelly L.