Wednesday, December 7, 2011


On Monday I had the opportunity to tour two industries in Edmonton that purchase and process some recyclables from our blue bags/blue bins. Thanks to Garry for organizing the trip!

The tour visited Allied Paper Savers and the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation Materials Recovery Facility(ABCRC MRF).

Allied Paper Savers purchases newspaper which is collected at Recycle Depots around the City. This newspaper is sorted and sold to CAN-CELL Industries Inc. to be turned into one of three products; Weathershield, Wallbar, and Fibremulch.

The ABCRC MRF receives refundable bottles collected from Bottle Depots in Edmonton and beyond. One interesting fact is that caps do not need to be removed from refundable containers taken to the bottle depots, however residents are still encouraged to remove caps for collection with Caps Off Program. Proceeds of the program go to the Rainbow Society of Alberta. This facility was beautiful to explore with large cubes of compacted milk cartons, plastic bottles, and aluminum drink cans stacked around the warehouse.

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