Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miami Musings

I am sitting in an internet cafe on a chilly eleven degree morning thinking about home and all the great things about Edmonton that I take for granted.

I miss the tidiness. You always read and hear comments about our spring litter, but I want to say Edmonton is a very clean city.

I miss sidewalks. I have a tonne of sidewalk stories, but that will be a conversation over coffee sometime.

I miss the recycling programs. When I ask about recycling I am told things like "we don't do that here", "We tried for eight months but no one did it", "People don't like change...", I see how we have achieved an amazing cultural shift. I think as much as residents have contributed to the process working so well, the city got the messaging right when it rolled out those blue bins in the 80s. Kudos to those pioneering neighbourhoods that got things rolling.

For today, I will jump again into the traffic, shopping, booze, and excess that is SoBe, and look the other way as I toss one more resource into the trash.


  1. What? You're not bringing a blue bag full home with you?? Wouldn't that be a wake up call to American Airlines... and Americans.

  2. I'm always shocked at the lack of recycling services when I head to the States.