Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can this fun be waste-free fun?

This is not a promotional post. Opinions expressed are by the writer themself. Readers should form their own opinion.
I visited a Mexican resort, last month, for my first time.
During our stay, we went to the Xel-Ha "eco park".
Floating Bridge 
lucas berrini, flickr.com

What the heck is an "eco park"?
Xel-Ha is a theme park with equal portions
  • family-fun activities,
  • food & sun, and
  • learning.
Xelha is a delicate watershed - where fresh water meets the sea. It is a sensitive ecology that is teeming with fish. And crowded with visitors. There's a big buffet. And there were drinks (alcohol and non-).

But there was also bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, and active play too.
And the park includes many signs about tree species, and mammals, and rock features, and fish species. So visitors learn while they play.

Can a theme park also reduce waste?
I was most impressed with their waste. It's one of the first theme parks to receive a Green Globe (certification by Earth Check).

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