Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet The Rocket

Another composter hits the market for multifamily and business. The Rocket joins JoraKompost and the Earth Tub in quickly processing large amounts of organic waste.

They come with the fancy flame decal, which reminds me of the hot rods of the 70s. Like the Nature Mill, the finished material will need some time to cure.

Future generations of the Rocket should come down in price and be more user friendly (this one looks unsafe with all that climbing and lifting). What is really exciting to me is that companies around the world are hearing the call for easier, on-site composting methods.

I also love the analogy this fellow uses at the end of the video - Landfilling vs Landfeeding. I will definately use that when speaking to kids about composting.

Do they come in shag carpeting?

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