Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recycling Depots: No place for illegal dumping

They are often forgotten... probably because they are just so efficient.

Recycling Depots are a simple service that helps divert waste from landfill. Sadly, there are some troubles at our depots.

Simple and easy to use
There are 20 Recycling Depots across Edmonton. They are convenient locales to drop off paper and cardboard, plastic containers, aluminum cans, and glass bottles for recycling.

As the General Supervisor for Waste Drop-Off Services, Chris Fowler mentions that "Recycling depots provide an important service to the communities because residents and small businesses can drop their recyclable items 24 hours a day."

But Recycling Depots are not for dumping garbage. That's just plain illegal.

"We want to be able to trust people to use them properly and respect the bylaws so that we can maintain this convenient access," says Chris. "Recycling Depots are not designed to accept large items or household hazardous waste which can pose a risk for the staff and citizens who come in contact with it."
A sad example of illegal dumping at a Recycling Depot

Quick Facts

  • Materials collected (2012): 7,094 tonnes
  • Illegal materials (2013 thru July): 266 tonnes
  • Common types of illegal dumping:
    • reno materials
    • fridges & stoves
    • TVs & monitors
    • bikes
    • sofas & mattresses
Chris' staff visit each Recycling Depot on a regular basis. They tidy the site, ensure the right materials are in each bin, and remove items that should not be there. But dumping is a simple problem with a simple solution: don't.

The fine for illegal dumping is $250.

Items that cannot be sorted at a Recycling Depot should be taken to an Eco Station, a Big Bin Event, or the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. Visit for locations.

We need your help

Waste Management Services is working to reduce illegal dumping at Recycling Depots. The City will monitor depots and enforce bylaws.
If you see someone dumping at a Recycling Depot, please call 311 with details. If possible, note the date, time, location, and license plate of the vehicle.

Key Points

  • It is illegal to leave garbage, non-recyclable materials, and large items at Recycling Depots.
  • Recycling Depots are monitored for illegal dumping and offenders could receive a fine of $250.
  • The City has 20 Recycling Depots where residents and small businesses can take recyclable items such as: paper, shredded paper, boxes, cardboard, all recyclable containers and cans, plastic bags, and used cotton and denim.
  • Recycling Depots DO NOT accept furniture, tires, home renovation materials, mattresses, appliances, fridges and household hazardous waste.
  • Take these item to an Eco Station, the Edmonton Waste Management Centre or a Big Bin Event.
  • Residents and small businesses can drop off recyclable items 24-hours-a-day at Recycling Depots.
  • To report illegal dumping, call 311 with the details.

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