Friday, February 7, 2014

Is The Path To Your Trash Safe?

Slips and falls during the winter are a common cause of waste collector and pedestrian injuries, and they can be prevented with the help of residents.

Waste collectors work 10-hour shifts, getting in and out trucks to lift 20-kilogram garbage bags all day. Maneuvering on slippery ice makes their job more challenging and even dangerous.

The City of Edmonton thanks residents for playing their part in keeping collectors safe and reminds them of simple things they can do to help:
  • Clear snow from collection area/garbage stands and spread sand on icy surfaces.
  • Put bags/cans on level ground and as close to the street or alley as possible, not on top of windrows and snow piles.
  • Avoid placing waste on slippery areas near downspouts and sump pump discharge pipes.
Residents with front street pick-up are asked to park vehicles off the street on their collection day. Vehicles parked on the street force collectors to carry heavy cans and bags greater distances.

Under Edmonton’s Community Standards bylaw, homeowners have to clear ice and snow from sidewalks right down to the pavement within 48 hours of a snowfall.

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