Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Turn Them In with Battery Newman

What can you learn about proper waste disposal from a singing battery? Quite a lot, when that singing battery is as awesome as Battery Newman, the star of the music video ‘Turn Me In.’ Battery Newman sings in the style of another famous Newman – Randy Newman. His new hit points out the importance of taking batteries and other household hazardous waste and electronics to an Eco Station for proper disposal or recycling.

The video is part of the City’s  ‘Turn Them In’ Eco Stations campaign. As spring has finally arrived (yay!) and Edmontonians are beginning their spring-cleaning and renovations, this is the perfect time of year to get rid of all those waste items that are taking up room in your house or garage.  Household hazardous waste and electronics can be turned into an Eco Station for FREE! (Who doesn’t like that price?) These kinds of items include batteries (of course), leftover paint, light bulbs, old computers, syringes and broken power tools.  

Speaking of renovations, Eco Stations also accept renovation waste and bulky items too big to set out for collection (fees apply). Pop over to edmonton.ca/ecostations for a full list of items that are accepted at Eco Stations.

Did you know that the City just opened up its fourth Eco Station? The newest addition is the Kennedale Eco Station, located at 53rdStreet and 127th Ave. This means that there is now an Eco Station in each quadrant of the city! Eco stations are really easy to use and the attendants are always on hand to help out and answer any questions you might have.
"Turn me in to the Eco Station, so I don't leak acid from my face."
Eco Stations aren't just great places to turn in waste for proper disposal or recycling, they’re also places where you can reuse items. The Ambleside Eco Station in the south, and new Kennedale EcoStation both have a Reuse Area. You can take any of the items that are in the Reuse Area at no cost. You don’t even have to drop anything off at the Eco Station in order to take something! The items in the Reuse Area are items that were turned in to the Eco Station and that staff deemed to be in good condition and reusable.

There's really no excuse, to keep around a battery, once it's run right out of juice
The other item you can pick-up (not free) from all four Eco Stations, which may be of even more interest to you composter fans, is Second Nature® compost, made at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. For a list of other Second Nature® compost retailers please visit edmonton.ca/compostsales.

Join the thousands of Edmontonians who turn in dangerous waste to the Eco Station every year!
If you’re like me and Battery Newman has inspired you to create and share your own informative waste disposal or reduction video (how could you not be inspired by Battery Newman??), you’re in luck! The 90waysto90.com site allows you to do just that! Upload your video on any waste reduction method (composting tips perhaps?) to help Edmonton achieve our goal of 90 per cent of household waste out of landfills.

Get your friends and family to like and share your video. Have fun and remember...turn in your household hazardous waste!

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