Monday, August 15, 2016

Our Waste Space - by MCR Trina G.

We know that the best way to promote responsible waste disposal at home is to help people change their waste habits. Did you know that our physical spaces can have a huge impact on how we behave?

Everyone's optimal "waste space" is going to look a little different, depending on their needs. What makes up your waste space? MCR Trina G. has shared hers below. 

What do worms, blue bags, trash cans, and compost bins have in common? In our home, they make up our waste spaces! In total, my husband and I have seven waste spaces (sometimes eight). Crazy, huh?

The Main Game: 
We have a tall garbage can that is easily accessible and easy to clean in our kitchen.

Recycling Round-Up: 
We recycle through the City of Edmonton's blue bag recycling program in addition to regularly taking our bottles and cans to a bottle depot. We encourage guests to use both types of recycling when they are over.

We compost what we can (tissues, toilet paper rolls, paper products), take other items to an Eco Station (aerosol cans) and trash the rest. Also, look Ma -- no bag!

Indoor Composting, Step One:
Collecting compostable material in our house is quite easy with this tin bin. We contribute kitchen scraps (vegetable peels, fruit cores, egg shells, etc.) to this collection bin. When it's full, the scraps go either into our worm bin or outside into the composter.

Indoor Composting, Step Two:
This bin is kept in a spare room and hosts our worm farm. 

Outdoor Composting:
We have a composter that we use to compost grass, leaves, fruits, vegetables and other compostable materials. We compost year round! 
We have a composter that we use to compost grass, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and other compostable materials. We compost year round!

When we have items to take to the Eco StationReuse Centre, or to donate to charity, we set up a temporary site for those items near our back door.

All of these waste spaces help us to stay organized with our waste and be conscious of What Goes Where!

What makes up your waste space? What techniques work for you and your family? Share your thoughts in the comments, or contact us to write your own "waste space" post!

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Trina completed the MCR Course in May 2014 and is dedicated to helping others reduce their waste footprint through fun and creative methods. Her goal as an MCR is to educate others, help them find solutions for waste issues that are important to them and encourage them to take action!

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