Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Are You WasteWise?

Life's not easy, but sorting your waste can be.

Visit Google Play or Apple's App Store to download WasteWise, our brand new app! Get all of the answers to your most burning waste-sorting questions, any time, anywhere, for free.

No smartphone? No problem. WasteWise is also available to use on

Thank you to all of the Master Composter Recycler volunteers who helped out during our testing phase!

We're really excited about this app!

Edmontonians play an essential role in our waste system, with 93 per cent of residents reporting that they recycle. However, there is still room for improvement. Significant amounts of garbage end up in the recycling and vice versa.

Download WasteWise and test your waste-sorting knowledge with our game.
Residents have shown a clear desire for more information about waste sorting. We recognize it can be challenging to know What Goes Where, especially for newcomers. This tool provides an easy, consistent and highly accessible source of information.

WasteWise takes the guesswork out of recycling. The app provides waste collection reminders and seasonal messages. It even has a fun, educational waste-sorting game!

Try out WasteWise and spread the news. Share your experience by using the hashtag #WasteWiseYEG on social media.

Keep an eye out for our posters, and listen for our radio ads!

All images provided by the City of Edmonton

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