Friday, August 18, 2017

MCR Daniel K.: Composting Makes Edmonton a Better Place to Live

Daniel K. recounts his visit at Compost 'S cool.

The classic three bin system. 
Compost ‘S cool is an amazing place with lots of friendly people around to teach you about different techniques of composting and its many benefits. I was already familiar with the 3 bin system before arriving, and was fascinated by the spool, sphere, and rolling track compost tumblers. Although with merit, I still prefer the classic non-tumbling composting techniques. There's nothing like seeing the results of your efforts: finding that your old food scraps have turned back into their basic elements.

Having a blast irrigating the composting toilet. 

I would love to learn more about the composting toilet, because I think cities need more of these fantastic waste receptacles. While Edmonton is a leader when it comes to taking care of “business”, so many other places are polluting waterways through lack of proper techniques. Maybe Edmonton could serve as an international educator for rural hu-manure programs, and start by setting up a system at the EWMC?

Daniel is a resourceful and experienced sustainability professional with education and work experience in coordinating and implementing sustainability programs. His strengths lie in designing projects and implementing detailed plans which drive increased participation and interest. He has currently joined with the Edmonton Tool Library and Edmonton Food Council, and hopes to contribute to making Edmonton a better place to live.

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