Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tell One Friend: Donate Christmas Décor to the Reuse Centre

During the holiday season, the Reuse Centre offers tonnes of Christmas items to happy shoppers. Shoppers really like them. Donate items like gift wrap, ornaments, new and used cards, and artificial Christmas trees.

Now is a great time to donate Christmas items and Christmas décor to the Reuse Centre. They will store it and sell it next year.

Prompt your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers.

Model the Norm
"I have too much Christmas stuff at home. We are collecting some items to donate to the Reuse Centre.
How about you?”

Prompt Them
"I see you have these Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and ornaments. Put them in your Eco Station box.
Did you know that the Eco Stations take donations for the Reuse Centre, too?”

One Small Ask
"Will you donate this Christmas decoration to the Reuse Centre? You will make someone really happy next fall. And that’s the spirit of the season.”

All that new stuff from the holiday season can be a challenge. Make some space by bringing even more items to the Reuse Centre. Donate these items too.

Lots of other organizations that take donations for reuse. You can find suggestions on the Reuse Directory.

Visit for more about the Reuse Centre.
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