Monday, July 30, 2018

Your Thoughtful Opinion Counts

Another installment about Effective MCR Conversations

Have you found yourself saying something like this?
  • "I watched a video on CBC about recycling, last night, and..."
  • "According to Mark Cullen, grasscycling is good for my lawn."
What you think counts even more than you think.

Everyone bases our everyday decisions on the thoughtful guidance of our peers. We take short-cuts by listening to what others have learned and their thoughtful opinions. We listen, we reflect, and we select the best perspectives for ourselves.

In fact, your opinion matters more than what you've read. Yes, friends like that you read stuff and you listen to experts.  BUT what really counts is that you reflected on the topic and built an opinion.

Sometimes we distance ourselves by talking through someone else. It's seems less risky to say, for example, "The City wants everyone to go bagless" But that statement makes going bagless about the City, not about you, not your neighbour, and not even about the grass.

Own your opinion and share it, respectfully.
Try something like "I go bagless because ..." This makes the topic more personal.

Do NOT push your opinions on others. Share how you see the world.

We all look for the opinions of people we trust. As an MCR, you have an informed opinion about Edmonton's waste system: share it.

Coming Soon: MCR Update Sessions

Of course, it's important to have up-to-date information. The MCR Team will host MCR Update Sessions in October. Come out and learn about changes to Edmonton's waste system.

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