Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Seven Easy Ways for MCR to Stay in Touch

It is important to stay in touch with the MCR Program. Waste Services strives to show that, yes, volunteers play a meaningful role to make Edmonton a resilient and sustainable city.

Staying touch shows what MCRs accomplish, keeps MCRs knowledgeable, keeps MCRs engaged, and fits activities for MCRs.

Here are seven easy ways to connected...
1. Visit | sign up for activities, contact us, record volunteering.

2. Click this Easy Form | We will record MCR volunteering on your volunteer profile.

3. Email | Say hello, record volunteering, share an idea or ask a question.

4. Phone Rodney or Tamara | We can help you navigate through MyVolunteerPage, chat, answer questions, record volunteering & more. Rodney-780-496-5991, Tamara-780-496-5051.

5. Text to 780-668-0217

6. Visit Rodney & Tamara | Set a time to say hello at the MCR office. Learn to use MyVolunteerPage or pick up supplies for your event.  Please make an appointment in advance to ensure we are in the office.

7. Do a MCR Volunteering Sheet | Rodney and Tamara have tiny forms at MCR events. Fill out the MCR Volunteering sheet and they will record MCR volunteering for you.


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