Friday, June 7, 2019

MCR Success Stories in May, 2019

Hosted a Garden Party

MCR-in-Training Barb L. enlisted neighbours to help empty an entire compost bin.
"We dug a few holes for the unfinished compost and then spread the remainder of the compost in the front yard soil (no grass there). We discussed benefits and barriers and I showed them how great the compost at the bottom of the bin is and how easy it is to do."

Community Composter

MCR Nicola T. resurrected a composting system at her children's school.
"We started a free fruit program at school, sponsored by No Frills. We now have so many fruit peels and cores daily, that a new compost setup was needed.  Leadership Club empties the compost bins in school after the kids have had lunch, but more compost bins were lacking next to the fruit bowl where the kids get the free fruit. I am working on educating the whole school population on better waste management."
"I know it's making a difference already because the secretary asked me where to buy a compost bin for her home, and picked up the 2nd last one that John Jansen had.  I've been explaining to her how to set it up too."

Hosted a Clothing Swap

MCR-in-Training Michelle W. hosted a clothing swap and small items for the Eco Station, Reuse Centre and donation for a group of seven women. The event was a big success!

Telling his Story of Composting

MCR Shawn G. rebuilt the compost system at his home. He documented the shift from his old system to the new setup, in detailed steps, on social media. "People messaged me after with questions or asking for advice." Great idea!

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