Thursday, July 18, 2019

MCR Success Stories in July, 2019

Plastic Free July

Hayley R. made an impact on social media by posting about #plasticfreejuly. Hayley had many offline conversations about reducing waste, specifically plastic as a result.

Home Composting...Ready, Set, Go!

Joe L. helped friends set up a home composter and got them started with home composting their kitchen scraps.

Session Success

Alan, Tony & Craig delivered a session on composting to the City of Edmonton Forestry team. They covered science of composting, set up worm bins and shared tips on effective gardening.

MCR Munch & Mulch

MCRs and their guests came out to Compost 'S cool this past weekend to learn about 5 ways to deal with grass, leaves, and plants... but not "compost." We finished up with Compost 'S cool pictionary. The weather was beautiful, snacks were delicious and the company fabulous as always!

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