Wednesday, August 14, 2019

MCR Success Stories in August, 2019

Waste Wise Block Party

MCR-in-Training Jarett S. hosted a Waste Wise Block party for 25 people. He talked to his neighbours about going bagless and how to recycle right.

Vermicomposting Demo Success

MCR Barb N.: "I do these demos every year at Victoria school. I have also started a worm bin in the biology classroom. Some teachers want to start zero waste lunch program next year."

Persistent about Waste Reduction

At her workplace, MCR Mila P. was asked to send regular emails to employees about small things they can do to make a difference. That's hundreds of employees.
In fact, she was asked "please don't stop."

Plant a Row, Grow a Row

MCR Lindsay M. reminded everyone that she helped Edmonton's Food Bank start the Grow a Row program, circa 1995. That program eventually became Plant a Row, Grow a Row.

All Smiles at the Reuse Centre

MCRs Wendy, Sulav, Antonietta, and Norma modeled for photos at the Reuse Centre.

Workplace Waste Audit

"Since April, I had been having separate chats with co-workers about my involvement in the MCR program and my passion for vermicomposting. Then the general manager heard about my involvement and asked me if we can do something in the office to reduce waste.
This July, we have already started the process for a waste audit." - MCR Roberto M.

Way to Go, MCR Laurie O!

"A couple was out shopping and the woman went to sort her cup for garbage or for recycling. She put the single-use cup in the garbage container, but she also said, "well, I guess it could go in the recycling..." I bumped into that conversation and informed them that single-use cups (compostable or not) should go into the garbage. The couple then said, 'you learn something new everyday.' "

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