Monday, October 7, 2019

Tell One Friend: Eco Stations, Open 7 days a week

Spread the word! From Sept. 29 to Nov. 9, all four Eco Stations will be open 7 days a week from 9am to 6:30pm.

This gives residents extra opportunities to drop off grass, leaves, and yard waste for FREE. Extended hours also make it more convenient for Edmontonians to drop off household hazardous waste, batteries and more at no cost.

On November 10, Eco Stations will transition to regular winter hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 9-4:30pm.

Share Your Message Effectively
Try these tips to connect with friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.

Model the Behaviour
Show friends and family how you sort and take items to an Eco Station.

Make it Normal
Post photos off your Eco Station trip on social media highlighting the extended hours and dates.

Offer Timely Prompts
Did you know that dropping of your grass and yard waste to an Eco Station along with household hazardous waste can happen 7 days a week? All free of charge. 

Give Positive Feedback
"Now you can take your Eco Station items in, 7 days a week."

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