Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Changing Waste Behaviour: How to Shift Social Norms perfectly outlines how to shift social norms. Changing waste behaviour is exactly that; changing the norms that society operates in. The best way to influence individuals and social norms is my by using multiple tactics.

You can read the original article here. Based on's article, shifting social norms in terms of changing waste behaviour is outlined below.

  1. Find early adopters; often, people are already living their lives in positive ways that support progressive change, such as waste reduction. Find them. 
  2. Build support groups of early adopters. Use your MCR colleagues for support and encouragement. there's power in numbers. 
  3. Use future-orientated positive messages: Help people imagine positive alternatives. Change is possible. 
  4. 4. Open space for dialogue: get people talking to each other about new ideas. Challenge the implicit assumptions that everyone holds the same views, experiences and preferences.
  5. Facilitate public debate: engage publicly with community members to debate in what is considered OK in the context.
  6. Expect by-stander action: Move from envisioning possibilities of justice to action. this involves building community and accountability, so that people are willing to do more to reduce their waste, starting with one small ask or action.
  7. Show examples of positive behaviour in public: Demonstrate that the positive shift we hope for already exists and that it's totally normal.
  8. Map allies and ask for their support: Identify the resources and networks we need to support positive change for individuals, families and communities.


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