Friday, February 4, 2011

"I'm doing a worm presentation, what help can you give me?"

The MC/R team has all kinds of resources to help you be successful in your outreach initiatives.

Monique emailed to borrow a worm bin, and asked what else we can provide. Well Monique, when I do a worm workshop I have a set of notes that outlines each step in building and maintaining a bin. Take 'em.

The Composting booklet will meet your needs, but the Compost Bins You Can Build will not. How many of each you want.

The compost chef kit lets you dress as a chef and chop kitchen waste while discussing what to expect from the different material as it rots. You supply the kitchen scraps, but we can help if you don't eat eggs or certain fruits & veggies.

Want to demonstrate building a worm bin and then give it away as a door prize? We supply the container (plus newspaper and autumn leaves) and the worms.

This is just a start, we can loan you display units so you can advertise (that way folks know a bit about it as well as all the benefits before arriving - a real time saver!), or can photocopy notes, or make colour posters,

...hey! If you can dream it we will make it happen.

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