Friday, February 18, 2011

Straw Bale give-away on Family Day

Rose called me today to tell me about a fun Family-Day event at the Steele Heights Community Skate Rink.

The part you will want to know, is that after the skating, and hayrides, and hot chocolate are done, they are giving away their straw bales.

Pick one up at 5825 140 Ave around 7pm; first come, first served.

Harvey (class of 2008) puts straw in in his doghouse to keep his dog, McCauley, toasty warm all winter.
Straw also makes great mulch around your strawberries, or a bottom layer in your compost bin. If you can get enough you can even build with it.
One MC/R Grad who would be interested in this giveaway is Greg dJ (class of 2009) who might use it in an unexpected way (those of you who follow his blog can probably guess what that will be). Poor Carissa...

Happy Family Day!

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