Saturday, August 6, 2011

Green up your morning coffee...

Folks who went to the Canmore Folk Fest are talking about the pasta alternative to wood stir sticks.

I mentioned this to my friends at 3 Bananas and their first impression was that food should not be thrown away. This kind of surprised me, but having been raised by people who lived through the depression and then the war I certainly understood that reaction.

(I learned that this coffee house is already doing a bunch of stuff to reduce waste, Bravo!)

Of course, harvesting, transporting, and processing wood is incredibly energy intensive. The pasta option has big environmental and economic benefits, like local products and manufacturing, plus kitsch options like spelling out fashionable words, or bright orange and green Carrot shapes.

Despite the sign in this photo, I don't think the stirring would take long enough to cook the noodle, but hey, if it does, why not make them Biscotti Flavoured and reduce waste even more?!?

Volunteer Opportunity: Talk to your favourite barista about it, and then log your hours under the "Building Awareness..." activity on

Have a great weekend, and don't forget your travel mug!

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