Monday, September 26, 2011

Free Admission Day Fun!

On our record-breaking hot day last Sunday, September 25th, Free Admission Day, John Janzen Nature Centre hummed with guests.

Mark Stumpf-Allan and I were kept busy talking to people touring the Composting Education Centre, showing them the composters, recruiting new wanna-be converts, showing them the "red wiggler" composting worms, the finished compost and the benefits of compost tea. They appreciated our information and the shade on the deck and under the trees. Plus when they found the porcupine damage to the larch tree, the metal square decal with the porcupine etching was right beside it - Clue #1 on their Treasure Hunt Sheet.

People had fun exploring the John Janzen Nature Centre site: participating in the Treaure Hunt, watching bird banding, finding water insects in the wetlands pond area, playing in the newly redesigned auditorium.

Mark also took some of the compost from the bins and spread it on the grassy area adjacent to the centre, which needed some care. He made a labrynth of it, and invited passersby to try to walk it.....Later he raked it in. All in all it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

One consistant comment from the visitors was that they hadn't known the Nature Centre was here, and what a lovely spot it was!

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