Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plan today to park tomorrow

Tomorrow is Car Free Day. That statement may have bounced off you and you may not give it a second thought, but the reason we (as a global culture) do these little events is to remind ourselves that it may be easier than we realize to make that small change in our lives.

Sure, one day won't change the climate back to one with birds and frogs chirping instead of fierce winds, drought, and brown skies. But it is one step on that journey, and for some it may seem to be a pretty big step. Once accomplished, the next step becomes easier.

If you absolutely must drive your car, keep the Fuel Sense tips in mind:
  • drive at the speed limit

  • use cruise control on FLAT highway only

  • Don't Idle! Have you tried hypermiling?

  • Limit air conditioning

  • Decelerate gradually

  • Anticipate stops

  • Inflate tires

  • Plan routes to reduce drive time

  • Use lighter weight multigrade oil in the fall
Saturday's Moving Planet event is another opportunity to stand up and make a change on the local scene.

What are you doing this week?

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