Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Talking garbage in China

We definitely won't ship garbage to China. But, we will start doing garbage business in China. And that's exciting.

A couple weeks ago, Mayor Mandel announced a new corporation: Waste RE-Solutions Edmonton. Maybe you saw the news. We are really starting to profit from our knowledge. news release

Waste RE-Solutions Edmonton is owned by the City of Edmonton and will sell expertise about waste management to cities around the world. The corporation will focus on China, at first.

Building for years

Edmonton has gained national and international attention, over the years, for our garbage. Hundreds of over-seas visitors, every year, come to the EWMC. And, slowly, we built relationships with cities in China.

Selling our expertise shows that Edmonton is a model that other cities can learn from:
  • an integrated system
  • strong participation by citizens
  • best practices in residential, commerical, & construction waste
  • based on partnerships (e.g. Greys Paper, Enerkem, GEEP)
Best of all, Edmonton will stay a leader in waste. And that's good.

              from this:

             to this:

Highlights: Waste RE-Solutions Edmonton

  • Owned by the City of Edmonton
  • Sells expertise about waste management to governments
  • Focusing on opportunities in China (to start)
  • Partnership with Canfit Resource Recovery (Beijing)
  • No impact on regular services of Waste Management Services
  • If cities want more community engagement, Edmonton's MCRP might be one strategy

Official Message

from Roy Neehall, Manager of Waste Management Services...

It is with great pleasure that I inform you today Mayor Mandel announced the establishment of Waste RE-solutions Edmonton, the entity under which we will market our expertise.  The contribution made by all areas of our Branch in delivering sustainable programs to our residents made the decision by Council a unanimous one. Our initial project focus will be Beijing but opportunities will be actively pursued in other areas. Our partners at the  Edmonton Waste Management Centre, Greys, Enerkem and GEEP, will work with us where it is mutually beneficial to do so. We are at the early stages of this business opportunity but I am confident that it will be a success in the years ahead drawing on the significant talent that exists in our Branch.

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