Monday, May 6, 2013

Edmonton Composts: Celebrating Compost Awareness Week May 5-12, 2013

Celebrate by telling someone how much you love composting or by helping them start composting! Composting is simple and has many benefits to you, your city, and your yard. 
Visit the Compost Demonstration Site at John Janzen Nature Centre to check out your options. There are many approaches to composting so find one that works with your lifestyle.  

You can compost indoors with Red Wriggler Worms like MCR Duncan K.
Once you have a compost, find a container for your kitchen scraps.
Keep a balance of green, browns, water, and air in your compost bin.
Compost bins like this one being harvested by MCRs Sarah F and Genia R can be purchased for $35 after taking a workshop.
Use compost to add nutrients to your lawn.

Which lawn do you think was treated with compost?
Add compost to your potted plants as fertilizer. 
Use compost in your garden, it will help the soil hold moisture and reduce compaction. Composting can be a fun and active activity to do with the family. 
Get creative with your compost! 

For Compost Awareness Week, The City of Edmonton is hosting 4 workshops at the John Janzen Nature Centre:
  • Tuesday, May 7 from 7-9pm
  • Wednesday, May 8 from 7-9pm
  • Thursday, May 9 from 7-9pm
  • Saturday, May 11 from 2-4pm
Classes are only $10 and you can purchase a composter for $35 after taking the workshop. Take a workshop to get started: register for a workshop


  1. I received this letter yesterday and 2 presentations had already occurred at JJ Nature Centre on Composting and the 3rd was yesterday evening. Would it not be better to send the letter/notice out with a weeks notice.

  2. We also included the info in the April 24 edition of This Week in Waste, sorry you missed it!