Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coming Soon: Kennedale Eco Station

Construction on the City of Edmonton's newest Eco Station has officially begun in the northeast quadrant of the Edmonton. The site is located next to Kennedale Waste Operations, near the Belvedere LRT Station. It is currently being excavated in preparation for building, and the Eco Station is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2015.

Like Ambleside, Kennedale Eco Station is being built from the ground up. Our first Eco Stations, Coronation and Strathcona, were retrofit into pre-existing buildings and infrastructure. Building from scratch allows the site to be optimized for this purpose, so that visitors and customers will have the best experience possible. Having more space and a more efficient layout also means there will be additional room for extra features.

Artist's rendering of the future Kennedale Eco Station
Kennedale Eco Station will be similar in layout and services to the Ambleside Eco Station, and by popular demand, will feature a Reuse Area for furniture, electronics, and other items in good condition. As usually, staff will select suitable items and make them available for customers to reuse.

Kennedale will be the City of Edmonton's 4th Eco Station.

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