Monday, January 26, 2015

Icy Conditions - Make It Safe

Recent freeze/thaw weather and freezing rain over the past two weeks have resulted in extremely hazardous conditions on Edmonton's walkways and sidewalks. These treacherous conditions are a safety concern for everyone - particularly for those with limited mobility, waste collectors, and other service providers. Over the past two weeks, bylaw officers have investigated more than 2,600 complaints for snow and ice on sidewalks.

The City of Edmonton is reminding owners to keep sidewalks, walkways, and waste collection areas free of ice ans snow. The City encourages citizens to use sand or ice-melting products. Courtesy sand boxes can be found at many local community centres. Although these courtesy sand boxes are topped up regularly, demand often exceeds supply. When this occurs, citizens are encouraged to buy sand or ice-melting products at their local department or hardware store.

For a listing of courtesy sand box locations, please visit community sandboxes.

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