Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In Memory of Constable Daniel Woodall

On Monday, June 8th, Constable Daniel Woodall was killed in the line of duty. In the days and weeks since, Edmontonians have expressed their support for his family, and for members of the Edmonton Police Service.

Police Chief Rod Knecht expressed thanks and appreciation to Edmontonians in an open letter, on June 20th. In his letter, Chief Knecht thanked residents for the "countless condolences and messages of support."

"This very public display of support by Edmontonians has been nothing less than overwhelming. You have honoured the sacrifice of Dan and your police service with kindness and compassion."

There are two side-notes about reducing waste with this story:

From Condolence to Compost
EPS found a creative way to deal with hundreds of flowers after the Regimental Funeral. EPS contacted staff at the JJNC Compost 'S cool and delivered three very-full bags of flowers, where Mark and Sheridan had a compost bin ready for them.

Mixed with browns and other rich greens, the flowers filled one Earth Machine compost bin to the top. By July, compost pile was already hot and had fallen to half the volume.

Staff will give the finished compost back to EPS for a private planting ceremony.

Give Blues to Reuse
Edmontonians showed their support for EPS by displaying blue ribbons across the city. Ribbons were wrapped on trees, on posts, on signs, and even on City Hall.

Please politely ask friends and neighbours to remove those ribbons - especially from trees. If left indefinitely, they may come loose and end up as litter.
Ask folks to donate clean, good quality ribbons to the Reuse Centre.

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