Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Composting Toilet Harvest 2015

What's your favourite way to spend a Sunday morning?
If you answered "muck around with a composting toilet," you might just be an MCR!

What does a toilet compost?
Yes. Exactly what you think.

Our compost gurus, Mark and Sheridan, led the charge of harvesting finished compost from the Composting Toilet at the Compost 'S cool. This gem is tucked away in the river valley, at the

The toilet was last harvested in summer 2013, and Mark has been patiently tending the new "crop" these past two years. Waste that gets flushed is combined with wood chips and is turned regularly, just like a regular compost bin.

Mark and Sheridan were joined by 4 enthusiastic MCRs, who were eager to see the finished product, and learn about how to use this compost, sometimes called 'humanure'.

Theoretically, the temperature in this system can get high enough to kill pathogens like E.coli, but for safety reasons, you should never use untested humanure to grow food crops. You should also avoid putting it where children play.

If you want to try it at home, we can help with the how-to's and the health & safety information.

Compost from the Composting Toilet makes an excellent soil amendment for ornamental garden beds! It's full of valuable nutrients that our bodies can't process.
Our perennials have been going strong since the last harvest.

Our intrepid MCRs suited up with sturdy gloves and dug the compost in around the prickly rosebushes and juniper plants. This compost always gets dug in doubly deep. It's safer that way, plus it's right where the roots can take in all of those nutrients.

Special thanks to our MCR helpers: Alena M., Harvey G., Erika D., and Rosemary F.! 

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