Friday, August 14, 2015

We "Go Bagless". Do you? by MCR Rifat S.

Who doesn’t know the importance of grasscycling in summer?
As an advocate of grasscycling, I have been talking about it to my friends, especially those who have a house with a lawn, and it’s great to see some of them have started going bagless! I feel very happy about that! I do not have a lawn of my own, so in my mind I wished to show my support in any way possible. And it is well said that where there is a will, there is a way! Who knew my wish would come true?

I live in an apartment in an old neighbourhood near Whyte Avenue, which is home to about 50 families. There was no blue bin before for this complex, and we recently got one! Within a few days, I saw that many of the neighbours were not aware of recycling in a proper way. They were putting all the wrong things in the recycling bin, and leaving big items beside it, and the resident manager was so worried about that. One of my goals is to teach my friends and neighbours about “What Goes Where”, and so I approached the manager to see if I could help her by providing information to all the neighbours. She was more than happy! She saw the offer as a favour, and that actually helped achieve the next step!

I approached her next about grasscycling, and showing support with a ‘Go Bagless’ lawn sign. She was interested, but explained the fact that it might be difficult to convince the property management office and the shareholders involved with the apartment. But sometimes I can be super devilish...of course for something good! I kept knocking on her door, chitchatting with her so she was thinking about the issue, and giving her information to pass along. I did not want to lose the chance to make it happen!

…And yes, we succeeded! Now not only me, but also another 50 families with about 100 people from this apartment can say we “Go Bagless’! Do you?
Can you see the treasure on our lawn?

I have my greatest passion to contribute to building sustainable communities. Being an MCR-in-training, I am happy that I can do something for the community. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see my friends and neighbours are following waste-reduction tips in their life that I pass on to them!