Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Activities for Community League Day

Community League Day is coming - are you involved? In the spirit of MCR Maria K, here are three "simple suggestions" for promoting waste reduction at your Community League Day celebration.

Host a Free Table

Got a pile of stuff you were saving for your favourite second hand store? Most of us do! Invite your friends and neighbours to bring their charity-bound items for a swap or "free stuff" table.

They'll save a trip to the local thrift shop, while still making sure their items will be used again.

Make sure you have a plan to get leftover items to your charity of choice afterward.

Collect Batteries

Everyone has a few dead batteries for disposal. Show friends and neighbours that batteries and light bulbs are just like paint and bleach - hazardous waste that should go to the Eco Station!

Set up a collection box for household batteries, that you will transport to an Eco Station after the event.
Batteries should never go in the garbage!

Note: Eco Stations do NOT receive waste from businesses and institutions. If MCRs collect a bunch of household batteries, contact the MCR Team for instructions.

Collect [Gently Used] Warm Clothes for Donation
We know that Edmonton winters can be harsh. Set up a collection station for warm clothing to donate.

Connect with one of the organizations in our city that works to keep homeless and low-income Edmontonians safe and warm. Check with them beforehand about donation guidelines.

Here is a short list of organizations that accept in-kind donations of clothing:

Keep Edmontonians warm this winter by
holding a coat drive.
Image from The Windsor Star
Coats for Kids & Families
Bissell Centre
YESS - Youth Empowerment & Support Services
The Mustard Seed
Wings of Providence
Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society
Bag of Hope
Hope Mission

Know another organization? Please post in the comments.

September 19, 2015 is Community League Day. Have fun in your 'hood.
Contact your community league. Find your community league.

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