Thursday, November 5, 2015

MORE Solar-Powered Waste Bins in Edmonton

The City introduced four new solar-powered waste bins, in September 2015.
Credit: Shaughn Butts,
Edmonton Journal (October, 2012)
About the size of a mailbox, these Bigbelly waste bins are an exciting addition to Edmonton streets. They:
  • automatically compact waste inside
  • send a message to Collections staff when full
  • are self-powered by solar panel on top
  • eliminate wind-blown litter
  • have side panels for promotion
Five of these bins were unveiled in October, 2012, and have performed well.

The bins compact the waste inside. They can hold up to five times the waste of a standard litter basket. Then the bin send a message to staff when it is full. This means fewer vehicle trips to empty the bins AND avoids overflowing bins.

That works out to excellent savings over the bin's lifespan. These are a good solution for locations with lots of pedestrian traffic.

Bigbelly waste bins on Whyte Avenue. (September, 2015)
Check out this demo.
Note: Versions in Edmonton do not have cigarette containers.

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