Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Movie Review by MCR Suzanne L.: Just Eat It

This food waste movie is the personal story of Jen and Grant, a couple who embark on a mission to see if they can live six months only eating food waste.

Their plan seems gross and impractical, at first. Shortly into the movie, they show you not only how possible this is, they also expose the fractured and wasteful nature of food production and distribution in North America.

This movie uses fascinating research, industry specialist interviews, and humour to highlight the fact that as a society, we take food for granted. At the conclusion of this movie, I had a new inspiration to use the food in my own fridge before it goes bad. I also gained new respect for the process that brought it to my kitchen.

Watch Just Eat It: A food waste story on demand (pay per view) - visit foodwastemovie.com

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Interview Clip, 2014 Edmonton International
Film Festival

MCR Suzanne L. completed the MCR Course in 1998. She is still passionate about reducing waste and stays involved with the MCR Program. Suzy and her husband once ran an experiment to measure all their household garbage throughout the year. Suzanne is also the author of Composting for Canada.

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