Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Welcoming the 2017 MCRs

The 2017 Master Composter Recycler (MCR) training has officially finished! We're excited to welcome 37 new MCRs-in-Training to the program. Congratulations on completing the training!

2017 MCRs on the tip floor at the IPTF.
This group has embraced their volunteer goals! Since beginning their training on March 18, 2017 they have recorded over 230 hours and reached nearly 2,900 people!

The MCR training is focused on Edmonton's waste, and how it changes through the year. We talked about composting, recycling, Eco Stations, grasscycling, waste collection, the Reuse Centre and the processing facilities at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.

Volunteers also learned about techniques and tools to use when chatting with friends, family and neighbours about changing their waste behaviours. Experienced MCRs came in to share their stories and successes, and to reach out to new volunteers.

50 veteran MCRs also followed along with this year's training via email. They received updated manuals, handouts, and links to all of the informative, interesting and sometimes downright hilarious videos shown in class.

Thank you to all Waste Services Staff and MCR volunteers who helped make this year's training such a success! We know our newest volunteers will be great ambassadors for waste reduction in Edmonton!

2017 MCRs-in-Training learned from a variety of Waste Services staff and veteran MCR volunteers.

All photographs provided by the City of Edmonton.

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