Thursday, November 9, 2017

City Launches New Change for Climate Initiative for Edmontonians

The City of Edmonton has launched Change for Climate, a new initiative to encourage citizens to take action on climate change.

The initiative is anchored around a new blog called where residents are provided a spectrum of 30 actions to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The actions cover a wide range of impact levels, from hanging clothes instead of using a dryer to installing a solar panel system on a roof.

“Edmonton has emerged as a sustainability-focused city, and our citizens care about sustainability,” says Councillor Michael Walters. “Change for Climate will serve as a tool where citizens can learn and practice ways to reduce their carbon footprint. They will be provided with a real opportunity to act on climate change.”

The Change for Climate initiative is a major component of the City’s goal of creating a 35% reduction in the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 (below 2005 levels). The blog will provide Edmontonians with the opportunity to share their Change for Climate stories, highlighting why and how they are taking action. It also encourages citizens to select actions from the spectrum, participate on related City programs and share their commitments on social media.

Edmonton is part of global social, economic and environmental systems that support our quality of life. These systems are being disrupted by climate change. We have an opportunity to act now and act locally to protect our quality of life, our health and our economy. Our actions in our community have local and global impacts.

Edmontonians will have many opportunities to engage and participate in the new Change for Climate initiative. Over the next six months, various community events will take place starting with Change for Climate Talks on Dec.7, an evening in which 12 speakers will bring fast paced and inspiring presentations on what we can do to act on climate change. More events are planned in the New Year leading up to the 2018 Cities and Climate Change Science Conference March 5-7.


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