Monday, November 6, 2017

Tell One Friend: Apply to be a Master Composter Recycler

The MCR program is looking for the next great community leaders in waste reduction. Training starts in 2018. Apply now!

  • Does your neighbour ask about your compost pile?
  • Who is that one friend who loves talking about recycling?
  • Is your coworker a great communicator and passionate about sustainability?

Tell them to apply.

Give Feedback

I have seen you sorting your waste. And we have chatted about Edmonton's waste system, a few times.

I felt the same way before I became a Master Composter Recycler.
Can I tell you a little about what I have learned?

Prompt Them: Plant the Seed

You would be a great role model for your community. Would you like to be an undercover agent for waste reduction?

MCRs volunteer in many ways. Most of all, we are waste reduction advocates for our friends and neighbours. Can I tell you some of the things that I that I've done as a volunteer?

One Small Ask 

Will you check out the Master Composter Recycler program? Just visit

If you have other questions, you can ask me.
And if I do not have an answer, I will connect you with the organizers.

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