Tuesday, December 5, 2017

MCR Refresher: 6 Things MCRs Should Know about the Reuse Centre

It was great to see MCRs, last Thursday. Here are highlights from our chat.

1. Ten Years of Growth & Change
The Reuse Centre has kept over 1,500 tonnes of waste out of the landfill and welcomed over 200,000 customer visits to donate and shop.

The Reuse Centre is bigger and busier than ever. More donations. More items. More diverted from landfill. More volunteers. This isn't a tiny Centre any more.

Then again... A busy facility means keeping a fair system for all. MCRs are like any other customer. We pay the regular $5 fee. And we only drop off items from the Accepted Items List.

2. Products & Pricing
  • The List of Accepted Items evolves, over time.
  • Changes happen every year, based on careful consideration including Customer Satisfaction Surveys, in-store wishlists, and feedback from staff and volunteers.
  • Criteria for Accepted Items:
    • Items that will sell in the store.
    • Avoid competing with other second-hand organizations.
  • Current Pricing:
3. Teaming up to Reduce Waste
  • Residents can donate items to the Reuse Centre at any Eco Station.
    Just make sure the bag or box is clearly labelled.
  • Goodwill Alberta sends donations that do not sell on their shelves to the Reuse Centre, like VHS tapes, photo frames, and baskets.
4. Lots of Volunteering
Over 300 volunteers help sort items, lead tours, assist with crafting workshops, and write for the Reuse-It Edmonton blog. And volunteering at the Reuse Centre has changed too.

Group Sorting
  • Groups of volunteers (4 to 20 people) can schedule a shift to sort items. This also means there aren't drop-in opportunities for individuals. Yes, there are lots of groups who want to volunteer.
  • There are 2 MCR sorting groups. Contact Rodney or Helene to connect with them.
Individual Volunteering
5. A Volunteer's Joy: "One Free Purchase"
Volunteers who sort at least one hour get one free purchase in the store.
Some common-sense conditions apply:
  • up to 50kg (just like one regular purchase)
  • shop after your shift, not before
  • shop the same day, and
  • everyone shops from the store (not from the Sorting Room).
6. Turn on the Programs
The Reuse Centre now hosts group programs, birthday parties, reuse workshops, and even boardroom rentals. Also, there are special events like Family Day and drop-in crafting sessions.

Visit edmonton.ca/ReuseCentre or edmonton.ca/ReuseVolunteers
Visit facebook.com/EdmontonReuseCentre


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