Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tell One Friend: Reduce Holiday Gift Wrap

'Tis the season to celebrate the holidays by enjoying delicious meals with friends and family and exchanging gifts.  Did you know that waste increases in Edmonton around this time of year?

One way to cut down on the amount of waste this holiday season is to choose to wrap gifts with reused or recyclable materials.  Did you know that most traditional gift wrap, bags and bows are not recyclable and end up in the landfill?

Why not choose to go with a greener gift wrap option, this year?

5 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Gifts
  • Wrap gifts in fabric. A great option is to make the wrapping part of the gift by using tie headbands, bandanas, scarves, or for the fabric enthusiast in your life, a piece of their favourite designer fabric. Did you know that fabric wrapping is also known as the the Japanese art of Furoshiki?
  • Reuse fabric bags. Some bedding sheets come in a fabric bag at the time of purchase. These bags are easy to re-use to wrap a gift, or two! They are especially handy to re-use by the recipient as well.  Kids can store their art supplies and toys in while on-the-go, or you can organize a suitcase while travelling. Tie the fabric bag’s drawstring in a bow, add a re-used card gift tag and voila!
  • Reuse maps, newspaper and calendars. Since most people depend on electronic maps, such as GPS, for directions, paper maps are a great item to use as gift wrap! Ask your friends, family or your local buy sell group if anyone has any to spare. Calendars are also a great option. You can finish your wrapping with a decoration by cutting the paper into thin strips and curl with scissors.
  • Use brown kraft/packing paper. Whenever a package arrives in the mail, keep the brown paper wrapping. Smooth it out and fold it for future use! This paper can be stamped, coloured or finished with natural twine or a small piece of a spruce tree for a classy looking wrapped gift.
  • Reuse gift boxes, bags and bows. Have any leftover wrapping from gifts of years passed? Re-use the items for this year’s holiday season!
Challenge those who you exchange gifts with to use a more sustainable option this holiday season. Visit the Reuse Centre to find reuse items to wrap gifts in this holiday season. 

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