Monday, February 4, 2019

Tell One Friend: Be WasteWise When You Declutter!

Try this polite request to start meaningful conversations about waste.

Kudos to the #KonMari method and those out there decluttering their lives! Marie Kondo has sparked a decluttering movement across the world and you've probably heard about thrift shops and donation centres benefiting from this. This is great! Further, this begs the question, for those items in your life that don't spark joy -- where do they end up? Where do they belong?

Please be mindful of your waste as you declutter. Take a moment to learn What Goes Where. Reuse is always a better option than recycling or throwing something into the landfill.

Share Your Message Effectively

Try these tips to connect with friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers.

Model the Behaviour
Show friends and family when you check What Goes Where on
"Let's just check before we toss it. It's on"

Make it Normal
Post about donating decluttered items to the City of Edmonton's Reuse Centre. Mention their list of accepted items.

Offer Timely Prompts
Post the What Goes Where poster where family and friends can see it, when they are decluttering.

Give Positive Feedback
"Thanks for making sure that your clutter doesn't junk up the landfill."

Highlight the Benefits
Be mindful of your waste while you declutter and help Edmonton divert as much waste as possible from landfill.

Now that you have some tips in your back pocket, check out...


  1. Watching this little clip makes me feel a bit better about myself. I definitely do not have as much stuff as these people do!! But if you were to look at my craft stash you may wonder....of course a lot of it are things that I am looking to upcycle or reuse in come way that cannot be donated anywhere like socks with holes and small fabric scraps that are even too small for the Reuse Center. There are some great tips in there and I know it has inspired by 17 year old to go through her stuff as well.

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