Thursday, April 4, 2019

Give Prompts & Feedback

Another installment about Effective MCR Conversations

MCRs use savvy ways to influence friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers. Keep those interactions positive, polite, and respectful.

Two ways that MCRs help change everyday behaviours are by giving prompts and feedback.

Prompts are any kind of reminder, sign, or tip for someone *before* they do an action. These prompts may be "explicit" or obvious (for example, the sign on a recycling bin says "Recycling"). They can also be "implicit" or hidden (for example, the bin is blue, a colour often associated with recycling).

The most effective prompts are:
  • Timely: Given exactly when the audience needs it;
  • Specific: Addresses one specific need;
  • Direct: Clearly shows what to do (or what not to do).
Feedback is any kind of information users get *after* their actions. Again, feedback can be "explicit" or "implicit." Feedback can be as simple as noticing a behaviour and commenting on it..

Much like prompts, the best feedback is timely, specific, and direct.

Give Positive Feedback
"Thank you" is easy, positive, and always welcome. It encourages and affirms positive actions. Be specific. Make sure the person knows exactly which actions you noticed.

Giving Negative Feedback: Use Caution
This is more challenging. How can you effectively and politely discourage a behavior? Start by reading your audience. Ask questions. Be constructive and understanding. Use positive language, try to understand their barriers, and focus on solutions. Guide the person to alternative action.

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