Thursday, May 2, 2019

Tell One Friend: Bring Your Container for Leftovers

Lots of people go out to eat. We enjoy each other's company, celebrate successes, or take the pressure off of making a meal. Restaurants will pack up leftover food, on request. But these containers are usually single-use packages. These are usually not recyclable and have a short life before going to landfill.

Bring Your Own Container for Leftover Food

Bringing your own reusable container when going out to eat is easy. It's an easy way to reduce waste.  A reusable container is less likely to leak or spill when transporting food home and is already in a convenient container to reheat for a future meal.

Share Your Message Effectively

Try these strategies to help encourage your family, friends and co-workers to bring their own reusable containers.

Model the Behaviour
Show friends and family how you use your own reusable container to package up leftovers when out to eat. 

Make it Normal
Leave a clean container in your vehicle or bag for easy access, much like a reusable bag. Create the habit and it will be easy to make this practice part of eating out. 

Offer Timely Prompts
When planning to go out to eat with others, mention this idea to accompanying friends and family. Encourage them to join you with their reusable containers. 

Give Positive Feedback
"I really admire that you brought your own leftovers container out to eat today!"

Highlight the Benefits
Taking your own container to package up leftovers when out to eat is an easy way to reduce waste.


  1. Anyone know where you can get a collapsing container for leftovers that would fit in a purse?

    1. Great question! I saw some silicone ones at Winners last week actually and I know that Tupperware used to make some so there might be some to be found on Kijiji or other Buy/Sell Facebook sites. Let us know if you find some, that definitely would make packing your own container for leftovers easier!

  2. Earths General Store has lots of great containers.....