Tuesday, September 24, 2019

MCR Success Stories in September, 2019

Future Waste Reduction Specialists
MCR Rebecca chatted with children about waste. She especially loved when the children took over the conversation about improved waste behaviour; this gave her the feeling that the future of the city will be great.

How to Compost in Castle Downs
MCRs Mildred, Angela and Natasha taught local residents how to start composting at home. This workshop was hosted by Councillor Jon Dziadyk.

Vermi-Composting Success
MCR Kit provided compost support to a family and assisted them to set up a worm bin to start vermi-composting.

Wasteless Movie Night 
MCR Christine T. hosted a movie night and a conversations about waste discussion panel for about 20 participants. They watched and talked about the movie WALL-E. MCRs Mila, Craig, Tony, Line, Alan and Margo helped organize the event and spoke during the panel discussion. Team effort!

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