Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tell One Friend: Prepare Your Autumn Leaves

It's autumn. Tree leaves fall in brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red.  Before long, those leaves turn brown and get crunchy. Preparing leaves is an important step in home composting and reducing waste.

How to Prepare Autumn Leaves
  • Mulch dried leaves on your lawn. Mow over the leaves once or twice to break them down. They are a great source of carbon for your lawn.
  • Store leaves as 'browns' for your home compost. This is a smart way to have a stash of browns for next spring and summer
  • Mulch dried leaves on your plant beds. Just pile them around plants. It's like free fertilizer for your soil.
Using leaves on your landscape means less waste picked up at the curb.

Share Your Message Effectively

Try these tips to connect with friends, family, neighbours and co-workers. 

Model the Behaviour
Show friends and family how you prepare and use leaves.

Make it Normal
Post photos of your autumn leaves on social media.

Offer Timely Prompts
While a neighbour is cleaning their yard, ask them for their leaves and mention that they are valuable. Your enthusiasm shows how they might be losing a valuable resource of their own.

Give Positive Feedback
"Those mulched leaves on your lawn look natural. I'm excited to see your lawn next spring."

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