Friday, May 21, 2010

New Blue Bin Spring Recycling Campaign News

As you know the blue bin recycling campaign is receiving extensive media attention. Most of it has been positive, although the Sun incorrectly reported the cost of the sound devices as $160,000 when in fact the entire public education program is $160,000.

Please look at the brief summary below that will help you answer questions from the public. The commercials are on our website.

Campaign Objectives:
- to reduce the level of non-acceptable items being placed in blue bins
-to increase participation in the blue bin program

Campaign Description: multimedia campaign runs from May 17 - June 27 and includes:
- Radio - Advertising on five stations, contests and promotions on three stations
-Transit Interiors -Advertising on ETS buses and LRT interiors
- Interactive Blue Bins - decals on 1500 bins and sound devices on 400 bins that deliver a pro-recycling message when material is dropped into the bin.
-Community Outreach - A community outreach team will bring interactive displays featuring recycling activities and information to major events and public locations May through July.

Costs and Benefits:

The total cost of the education program is $160,000 of which $12,500 is for the sound devices. (The total amount is unchanged from previous annual education budgets and is approximately $2 per multi-family household with a bin).

The benefits expected include increased rates of recycling, reduced contamination, reduced downtime and cost of repairs at the recycling facility, and prevention of injuries to staff at the recycling facility.

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