Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keep your lawn greener with less work

Welcome August - the hottest month of the year.

August heat can take a toll on your lawn. Here are some things to do that will keep you turf tuff:

Mow High! Keep those roots shaded.

Mow Often! Encourage thicker growth.

Topdress! A cm or two of compost keeps soil cool and reduces browning.

Water! Deeply, weekly to encourage healthy roots.

Reduce Thatch! If your lawn feels spongy underfoot, your thatch layer may be too deep. Grass needs a cm or two of thatch for good health; if you have more then topdress with compost and water lightly every day for a week. The microorganisms in the compost will turn some of that thatch to soil. Warm days speed this process.

Grasscycle! Those clippings provide moisture, protection, and nutrients that will help your lawn recover quickly.
Reduce your Lawn Area! Build a Lasagne Bed now and you will have less mowing and more vegetables next year.

Stay Cool! Hammock, beverage, and shade reccommended.

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